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J.M. Barrie wrote one of the most enduring fairytales of all time, Peter Pan. Often these classics leave out entire groups of people. As is with Peter Pan, many of the most famous fairytales  center male characters and the original playscript for Dear Brutus is no exception. With this new version of Dear Brutus we aim to bring minority femme experiences to the forefront. To facilitate this story through the lens of those experiences our team will consist of individuals from an array of gender identities and ethnic backgrounds. What better way to expand the scope of the classic fairytale genre than for it to be written and created by the very individuals previously left out or made secondary in our most well-known fairytales? 


This adaptation of Dear Brutus takes place in present day and follows a family of Actors. The Matriarch has written a play that was requested by her longtime advocate, a woman named Kingsley Goodfellow. Kingsley owns and operates a theater that on the eve of opening night, those who enter the outdoor theater are given the opportunity to see what their lives would be like had they made different choices in their past. These encounters leave each character looking ahead to decisions that will be life-changing.

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